Business planning

KSCP has a robust business plan that identifies its objectives and priorities, how we will measure success, and who is responsible for taking action. Each sub group develops a more detailed version of the business plan for their specific area of responsibility.

Business Plan 2018-2020

Annual Report

KSCP’s annual report provides a detailed evaluation of the effectiveness of what is done in Knowsley to safeguard children and promote their welfare. It covers the work done by KSCP, partners and Knowsley’s Children and Families Board (KCFB). The report clearly identifies what has been achieved in the last year, and what challenges remain for the future.

KSCP Annual Report 17-18

KSCP Annual Report Children’s Version 17-18

KSCP Annual Report 16-17

KSCP Annual Report Children’s Version 16-17

KSCP Annual Report 2015-16

KSCP Annual report Children’s Version-1 5-16

Annual Report 2013-14

Annual Report 2014-15