KSCP Multi-Agency Safeguarding Training Programme

Click HERE to access the latest KSCP Training Programme. This document gives details of the current training opportunities available depending on your job role.

*All places must now be booked via the KSCP Training Booking Portal: https://kscbtraining.knowsley.gov.uk*

There are narrated sessions can be accessed on to the Neglect page under the professionals tab.

The Knowsley Safeguarding Children Partnership is committed to ensuring that a comprehensive and effective training programme is available to staff working with children, young people and families within the Knowsley area.

The KSCP develops its annual training programme based on strategic priorities identified within the business plan, needs analysis and lessons learnt via case reviews.

The aim of the training programme is to increase participants knowledge and skills in the field of safeguarding children. This is intended to improve working relationships between agencies, to promote high quality service provision and better outcomes for children.


We have a bespoke Training Booking Portal available with an interactive training calendar embedded within it in order to speed up the booking process. Click on the following link to register:


Please click on the following for more information on how to access the Booking Portal: 7 Minute Briefing – KSCP Booking Portal.docx

For further information about KSCP multi agency training please email lucy.lundon@knowsley.gov.uk


As well as delivering training the KSCP have a responsibility to evaluate it and measure its impact. All practitioners that access KSCP training are required to complete an online evaluation form in order to get access to their certificate.

Learning Improvement Framework

This framework is intended to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Ensure that the KSCP fulfils its statutory obligations
  • Ensure there is a culture of continuous learning and improvement
  • Ensure that learning is a shared responsibility between those who commission and provide training, organisations/managers responsible for staff and the staff themselves
  • Ensure that services are clear about their responsibilities, to learn from experience and improve services as a result.

Knowsley Learning Improvement Framework

Learning Agreement and Charging Policy

KSCP Learning Agreement and Charging Policy 2023