Child Exploitation

Introducing the Child Exploitation and Missing Team SHIELD

Please see the attached presentation from the launch of SHIELD: SHIELD Team Launch Presentation

Child Sexual Exploitation – Warning Signs & Vulnerabilities Checklist

New Knowsley Child Exploitation Policy 2019

It is important to recognise that all children and young people may be at risk of child exploitation. Perpetrators can and do target a wide range of children and practitioners should be alert to this issue whenever concerns about a child are noticed. This useful guidance document issued by the Children’s Commissioner provides a checklist of the associated Child Sexual Exploitation Warning Signs & Vulnerabilities.

 The Sexual Exploitation of Children; it couldn’t happen here could it?
This thematic inspection was commissioned to evaluate the effectiveness of local authorities’ current response to child sexual exploitation.

Child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester An independent report by Ann Coffey, MP. October 2014
The inquiry speaks to agencies, experts, victims and their families, as well as drawing together the range of reports published on specific cases and the broader issue of child sexual exploitation. Where possible, evidence was heard in public. The inquiry provides recommendations on how agencies can work better together to respond effectively to the issue.

Independent Inquiry into CSE in Rotherham 1997-2013
This Independent Inquiry was commissioned by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in October 2013. Its remit, covering the periods of 1997- 2009 and 2009 – 2013.

Pan Cheshire and Merseyside Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy 2014-17
The aim of this strategy is to prevent and safeguard all children from child sexual exploitation and to prevent and safeguard individual children who are identified as at risk, or victims of child sexual exploitation.

Merseyside Multi-Agency CSE Protocol
This protocol sets out a multi-agency procedure for tackling child sexual exploitation across Merseyside.

It’s a lonely journey – a Rapid Evidence Assessment on Intrafamilial child sexual abuse

‘It’s a lonely Journey – ’ A Rapid Evidence Assessment on child sexual abuse within the family environment (children and young people’s version)

CSE Training and Awareness

There are a number of resources available to partners, community groups , front line practitioners, children, young people, parents and carers. The following links have examples of useful current guidance and training material.

Links to online resources for professionals

Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation

Please see below a list of phone apps (applications) that children and young people might access via their mobile phones and tablets. We know that children and young people can be contacted or even groomed this way.

 Information on Aps that have been used for CSE/Inappropriate messaging

Government guidance

KSCB expects compliance with this guidance
Puppet on a string – the urgent need to cut children free from sexual exploitation