Signs of Safety

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Signs of Safety is an innovative, strengths-based, safety organised approach, created in Western Australia.

The model was created by practitioners, based on what they know works with difficult cases, has attracted international attention and is being used in areas of North America, Europe and Australasia.

It is an assessment and planning framework supporting practitioners in determining:

  • Whether there is sufficient safety for the child to remain within the family and what support is needed for the family for that to happen;
  • Whether the situation is so dangerous that the child must be removed;
  • If the child is looked after, whether there is enough safety for the child to return home.

Signs of Safety was developed from a spirit of appreciative inquiry, and the heart of the process revolves around a risk assessment and case planning format that is meaningful for all the professionals, and the parents and children.

What will the impact of Knowsley’s implementation be?

Our aim is to create a supportive working environment where staff are confident and committed to the professional judgements they make. The benefits of this are:

  • Increased confidence and capability of staff.
  • A supportive working environment for staff working through difficult and protracted cases.
  • Professional judgements based on a balance of information and evidence.
  • Improved engagement with families to meet the best needs, and outcomes, of the child. Using jargon free language.
  • Improved partnership working with partner agencies to meet the best needs, and outcomes, of the child.
  • Improved quality of assessment, analysis and intervention delivered to families.
  • Improved risk management of vulnerable children as a result of rigorous assessment and safety planning.

As Signs of Safety becomes embedded, you will find meetings, supervision, panels and assessments will be framed using this approach, and a routine use of the Signs of Safety communication tools for capturing children’s views.

If you have attended the 2 Day Introduction to Signs of Safety Training, don’t wait for the framework to be fully embedded consider how you can utilise the framework in your every day practice.

A number of Newsletters have now been produced to keep you up to date with the progress of Implementation.

Signs of Safety Newsletter 1

Signs of Safety Newsletter 2

Signs Of Safety Newsletter 3

Signs of Safety Newsletter 4 April 19

Signs of Safety Newsletter 5 May 2019

The Signs of Safety Practice sessions are currently available for Children’s Social Care and Family First staff only, those that have already attended the 2 day Intro to Signs of Safety training, no booking is required. All sessions are taking place in Nutgrove Villa; 2nd floor; Small Conf Room. The workshops are available to practitioners from all key agencies and will give an overview and provide updates regarding Signs of Safety implementation in Knowsley. These is no need to book on, just turn up on the day. All workshops are taking place in Knowsley Council Municipal Building; Public Meeting Room 2 (see Newsletter 3 for more information).

All 2 Day ‘Introduction to Signs of Safety’ courses are currently full. More dates will be advertised when they are confirmed.

Please read the following briefing paper which will provide more detail regarding what signs of safety is, what we want to achieve and what evidence base there is:

Signs of Safety Briefing Paper